Sustainability Contributions


LightGUARD® Protected Membrane Roofing Panel              HeavyGUARD® Protected Membrane Roofing Panel

ProGUARD DP™ Insulated Concrete Board                             ProGUARD® Non-Structural Concrete Insulated Sheathing

ThermaDRY® Insulating Drainage Panels                               ProTEC®C-SIP – Concrete Structural Insulated Panels

WallGUARD® Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels


LEEDv4 Credits  

Products may contribute to the following LEEDv4 credits:

Energy & Atmosphere (EA)

  • Minimum Energy Performance                                           Prerequisite 2
  • Optimize Energy Performance                                            Option 1

Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)

  • Thermal Comfort Design                                                     Option 1


LEEDv3 Credits 

Products may contribute to the following LEEDv3/ 2009 credits:

Material & Resource (MR)

  • Credit 1 “Building Reuse” (1 to 3 pts.)
  • Credit 2 “Construction Waste Management” (2 pts.)
  • Credit 3 “Resource Reuse” (3 pts.)
  • Credit 4 “Recycled Content” (Pre-consumer and Post-Industrial)
  • Credit 5 “Local/Regional Materials” (2 pts.) Plant located at 3255 Symmes Rd. Hamilton, Ohio 45015.

 Sustainable Sites (SS)

  • Credit 2&3 “Urban / Brownfield Redevelopment” (1-2 pts.)

Energy and Atmosphere (EA Credits)

  • Prerequisite 2 “Minimum Energy Performance, Required for Certification”
  • Credit 1 “Optimize Energy Performance” (1-20 pts.)
  • Environmental Quality (EQ Credits)
  • Credit 7 “Thermal Comfort–Design” (1 pt.)


Collaborative of High Performance Schools (chps.net)

  • Energy Efficiency (EE)
  • EE1.0 Minimum Energy Performance
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (EQ)
  • EQ9.1 Minimum Acoustical Performance



Download our product specific LEED® documents to see more detailed information.

LEED Statement v3 v4 



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