ProTEC®C-SIP – Concrete Structural Insulated Panels

ProTEC®C-SIP applications include:

The T. Clear ProTEC® C-SIP (Concrete Structural Insulated Panel) System provides a well-engineered alternative to conventional lumber framing systems for residential and light commercial structures.

Strong Framing Systems, Easy to Construct

Residential and light commercial buildings constructed with ProTEC® C-SIP Systems are strong and tight. They are energy efficient, resistant to mold and mildew, and environmentally sound. They are, simply, built to last.

Walls go up in a fraction of the time. Using simple tools, a small crew can typically erect the walls in significantly less time than it takes for conventional framing. Because of the Util-A-Crete® facings, time and materials are saved when finishing both the interior and exterior surfaces. ProTEC® Panels come standard with pre-cut electrical chases to help speed the wiring operation. This means fewer delays, resulting in a quicker overall construction cycle.

The ProTEC panels are available in standard sizes along with the steel components and accessories.  The panels are easily and cut and modified on site by your installing contractor to fit the specific building design requirements.