1What is the difference between ProGUARD and WallGUARD?
ANSWER: ProGUARD is a non-structural concrete insulated sheathing panel with a ¼” Util-A-Crete® concrete backboard laminated to either EPS or XPS foam of varying thicknesses. ProGUARD should only be used below grade when faced with an additional finish. The concrete backerboard requires some type of finish applied to it such as: stucco, light stone, siding, etc… WallGUARD is a concrete faced insulated perimeter wall panel that consists of either 2” or 3” XPS foam and a 5/16” latex-modified concrete facing with a broomed finish. WallGUARD is designed to be used below grade and above grade, normally 2’ below the grade line and 2’ above grade, around the rim joist or slab edge. The latex-modified concrete facing does not require additional finish but it can be painted with a latex outdoor paint if so desired.
2How do I become an approved LightGUARD/HeavyGUARD contractor/installer?
ANSWER: Contact the Sales Agent that covers your geographic area (see Agent Map). Your agent can then provide you with the application and assist you with beginning the approval process for becoming an approved contractor/installer.
3Will cracks in the concrete surface of LightGUARD, HeavyGUARD or WallGUARD affect their performance or warranty?
If the cracks are contained to the latex modified concrete surface they are cosmetic only and will not affect performance or our warranty. Due to the nature of the product it is not uncommon for cracks to develop in the concrete surface, but as long as the crack(s) doesn't extend into the Styrofoam they will not affect the performance characteristics of the product(s). The latex modified concrete mixture we use doesn't allow for water intrusion laterally inside the crack so it will not expand during freeze thaw cycles. For more information see our Technical Note 97.10, 98.11 and our installation guide 4.3.2 in our LightGUARD/HeavyGUARD PMR Technical Binder under the Product Spec's on our Architects page .
4What is the solar reflectance index (SRI) for LightGUARD/HeavyGUARD PMR panels?
The standard gray concrete LightGUARD and/or HeavyGUARD panels have a solar reflectance of 0.27 and an solar reflectance index (SRI) of 28.
5If efflorescence occurs, will it go away?
The latex modified concrete facing will dry and the efflorescence will go away. These deposits occur when water reaches and dissolves soluble salts within the wall, migrates to the surface, and evaporates.